Benefits and Purpose

NTSM – National Talent Search Movement


Smartness is the only key to survive in competition. Smarter the efforts, sooner the success.

NTSM – National Talent Search Movement is one of the smart project who is focusing on building smart students by putting smart efforts. NTSM believes that smartness can be achieved by building and nurturing appropriate talent from very young age. Talent does not only bring smart brains out but also start developing inner confidence and keep that confidence alive in the competitive world. We believe that talent is always there within, it just needs some self-confidence and self-recognition to achieve what you always dream of.

One can wonder how to know what talent does he possess and how to grow it to be smarter?

Don’t Worry! NTSM is here to help you out.

NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH MOVEMENT is the program to recognise the in-built talent of students, grow their inner capabilities and sharpen their brains. Gone are the days when students used to be worried about their future. Now students are more focused now on their goals. They know now what to achieve and how to achieve.

So, what are you thinking about, let’s move ahead and achieve it!!!

 What we do?

NTSM is a national level talent search examination which is designed to identify the academic and professional talent of students and reward them with suitable guidance and support for their education and career choices. This is a unique opportunity for students who wish to prepare for competitive examinations in the coming future. NTSM loves to cultivate smartness and intelligence in students to make them achieve their goals. We make students confront their competitions by giving toughest fight.

 How we do?

 Our Exam Facilitator, with the help of school or Institution’s management conducts the exam.

 Student’s registration is done by filling up a form by each individual interested student through respective school or institution only.

 Management of school or institution will finalize the subject for the groups of students.

 The exams or competitions are conducted as per the group and their syllabus, on the dates specified.

 The registration charges are very nominal and affordable to all.

 The examination result will be declared after getting the evaluation report from designated authorities.

 3 winners of the examination or competitions will be awarded by Winning Medals and Winner Certificate, whereas, every participant will receive The Certificate of Participation.

 A separate Statement of Performance will be awarded to every participant, showing an individual’s performance and the rank obtained in the group.

 Depends on the examination or competition, winners or particular rank holders will receive prizes and/or recognition on NTSM’s website. (Unconditional)

 Winners or particular rank holders are eligible for participation in Higher Level Examination, if organised in future.

Some of the important guidelines and key information about the National Talent Search Movement

  Exam structure

  Eligibility Criteria


  Exam Pattern

  Award and selection criteria

Exam structure

National Talent Search Exam is a national level exam which gives students a chance to show their merit in various topics including Qualitative analysis and reasoning. The exam is conducted by NTSM which is a part of professional talent searching company along with school or institutions. The institution helps students in finding the right fit skills to pursue their academic aspirations and professional dreams.

Eligibility Criteria

NTSM is open for students and professional of all caters. We strongly believe every person is lifelong learner, apart from subject and the source of learning. The participation eligibility varies from subject to subject. We strongly recommend all Indian Students who are currently in secondary and higher secondary grades or learning Under Graduation and Post-Graduation, to get benefitted. Students need to follow the below mentioned eligibility criteria to register for the National Talent Search Examination.

Students need to apply through registered participating institution only

Must qualify the eligibility criteria for particular subject for this National Level Examination.

The examination is only open for all i.e. Indian and foreign students, to best judge the position.

The examination will be conducted as per examination pattern defined for particular subject.

Exam Pattern

This National Talent Search Exam is based on combined analysis of quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning and logical thinking of the applicants

Unless specified, most of the examination time will be of 60 minutes (1 Hour) in offline objective test-paper mode.

Unless specified, a total of 60 multiple-choice-single-answer objective questions will be asked from students during this examination.

Awards will be given to the first three maximum scorers.

The exam centre will be school or other academic area


Subjects will be as of below

  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Geography
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History

Students can choose their field of interests

Award and selection criteria

The National Talent Search Exam is not only meant to help the meritorious students academically but also professionally.

NTSM being an institution of professional skill development will also provide mentorship, support and guidance to all the students.

Winners of each group will get a Winning Medals and Winner’s Certification.

Students participating in the talent search exam will get a certification.

A separate Statement of Performance will be awarded to all participating students showing their result and position in the group.

Winners and Top Performers are eligible to participate in High Level examinations, if organised by company.

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AICPE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.

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